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Salus Neuromuscular Institute extends the hands of comfort to people seeking pain relief. Because of the widespread and complexity of pain, we need to approach it differently than any other medical condition. Salus Institute will offer the most advanced comprehensive range of programs and services for patients suffering from acute and/or chronic pain. These programs and services are based on the holistic approach that includes both conventional and alternative treatment options. Our medical facility located in Aventura, FL will help our customers reach their goals in pain relief by providing high quality physical exams and utilizing the latest diagnostic methods to find out the exact diagnosis for their symptoms. Results and interpretations of physical exams and diagnostic methods will be used to draw a roadmap to manage their pain that would include an individualized treatment plan to eliminate pain symptoms and a comprehensive wellness program to promote and maintain the “Ultimate Health”. In addition, we will provide educational materials in the principles of Ergonomics to prevent future musculoskeletal injuries and diseases. Read more…

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The Latin word Salus has many meanings, mainly: Health, Safety, Well- Being and Salvation. Also, Salus is the personified Roman Goddess of Health, Welfare and Prosperity. One of her titles, Salus Publica Populi Romani (Goddess of the public Welfare of the Roman People). She is often depicting holding or feeding a snake, a common symbol of healing.

“Definitely The Best Pain Relief program in miami”

“I cannot say enough about Dr. Kouka Nabeel. I have been suffering from back pain for years and after one treatment I feel like a new person.
He was very professional and explained in detail, step by step how he was going to treat me. The office is amazing and the employees are efficient and welcoming and I felt comfortable and at ease from the moment I got there. I would recommend to anyone who is suffering from any kind of pain to visit him”.

– Maribel Campbell –

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Meet Our Director

Nabeel Kouka, MD, DO, MBA, MPH is a Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine Specialist and the Medical Director of Salus Neuromuscular Institute in Aventura, Florida.

During his 35 years of research and practice, he developed an Integrative Treatment Program that offers alternative approach for patients suffering from Neuromusculoskeletal diseases and injuries. In 2000, Dr. Kouka was among the pioneer physicians in the World to have training in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery.

Dr. Kouka’s Integrative Pain Relief Treatment Program combines cutting edge Conventional and Holistic Medical techniques to provide comfort to pain sufferers without the need for surgery.

These pain relief programs and techniques include, but not limited to, Osteopathy, Neural Therapy, Stem Cell and Gene Therapy.
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Salus Neuromuscular Institute is a Multidisciplinary Treatment Center that provides multifaceted personalized programs and services that facilitate the elimination of pain and the improvement of overall health.

We offer the most advanced, comprehensive range of pain relief programs and services for patients suffering from acute and chronic pain. These programs and services are based on the holistic approach that combines both conventional and alternative treatment options.

At Salus Institute, all treatment methods are performed under one roof that eliminate all the inconveniences, which are the source of patient dissatisfaction. Also, the availability to have all treatment modalities under one roof ensures patient compliance with the treatment plan under the supervision of a physician or other medical personnel, thus will expedite the healing process. Read more…

Conditions Treated

We provide therapy and treatment modalities for most of Neurological and Neuromusculoskeletal conditions, i.e. the diseases and injuries of: Brain, Joints, Nerves, Spine. Read more…


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